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we fix your quacks duck and window

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Maximize Your Property's Energy Efficiency

Faulty and aging double pane windows consistently allow air to flow in and out of your property due to a number of factors, most notably seal failure. One simple and affordable way to lower your energy bills year-round is to have Bob's Glass & Window Repair, Inc. repair the seal.


In addition to lowering energy costs, investing in quality repair is a great way to add years of effective life to your windows and is far more cost-effective than new installation.

•  De-Fogging

•  Seal Failure Repair

•  Energy Efficient Window Repair

Save Time and Money

One common symptom of faulty double pane windows is fogging. If your windows are constantly fogged, our technicians can provide a quick fix that will last years.


If the seal on your windows has been compromised in any way, air and moisture quickly fill that space and fog the window. Once we fix the seal the problem's solved.

De-Fog Your Double Pane Windows

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