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we fix your quacks duck and window

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Long-Lasting Repair Solutions

Tired of overpaying for glass and window repair that never seems to stay fixed? At Bob's Glass & Window Repair, Inc. we specialize in long term repair, not temporary quick fixes. Whether it's a simple screen repair or major window replacement, we're here to solve your problems.


We're available 24 hours and focus on absolutely all aspects of window and screen repair and replacement.

•  Residential and Commercial Repair

•  Latches

•  Locks

•  Balancers and Springs

•  Single and Double Pane

•  Replacements

•  Emergency Board-Ups

•  Pet Screens

•  Increase Energy Efficiency

Extensive Repair Options

If one or more windows in your home or business have recently been damaged and requires extensive work, we're available for emergency board-up service.


The sooner you call, the sooner we can protect your property from the elements so you can go about your business until the repairs are complete.

Emergency Board-Ups

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